In artwork of Wine Fransen you find a unique symbiosis of clear colours from her Antillian roots with great intensity of Dutch masters.

In Wines work I see the rhythm of the Antillian waltz, flowing from light to dark, from tangible to intangible.

For Wine : Portrait; ..., the silence is broken by the first step, hand across hand forlorn, the deepest known life finds its form, ….

love giving its wings to your imagination of reality,
love carrying you further than without her you can go,
love radiating from the eyes of your portraits,
love speaking from your landscapes.

The quality of her work exists in a great intensity and a splendor of nuance.

The interpersonal contact she needs for her work is a deep inspiration for Wine…,
Wine Fransen's portraits breathe heartfelt sympathy with human being and existence.

Through the eyes of her portraits the souls of those portrayed open to the beholder.
Above all she evokes a mixture of timeless eternity and the intensity of the moment. In a
careful painterly way she gives life to her deep inner love and respect for each unique human being..

Born and raised in the Caribbean, Wine completed two different State Art Academies in The Netherlands.

Studies: State Academy Visual Arts Artibus, Utrecht: Monumental Art, master completed 1973. and State Academy of Visual Arts Minerva, Groningen, master completed 1980.

Many commissions and exhibitions brought her from all over the Netherlands into a world wide range of countries. She worked a.o. in Hawaii and Berkeley USA, China, on the Caribbean islands Bonaire, Saba and Curacao, Italy, Austria, Finland and France and in The Netherlands.

Next to her specialism, portraits, Wine works in different visions and media.

It is an intense connection with life that stimulates her to work in a profound and enthusiastic way.

Portraits, paintings and drawings, objects, photography, works on textile.